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Naked lady | JvG Reproduction

      • Plywood
      • 18 mm thick
      • Size (H x W): 50 x 40 cm or 100 x 80 cm
      • Reproduction
    • Delivery time NL 5 - 10 working days
      Delivery time International shipping 7 - 21 working days

    from € 299,00

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    Reproduction printed on plywood

    A repro is a painting printed on Birch Multiplex of 18 mm thickness. Our wood is provided with a white primer on the front before the final photo of the painting is printed. Birch Multiplex is made up of several glued layers, milled edges and with a hook on the back. A repro can be ordered in different sizes, visit the webshop for the options.

    Wood gives the painting a warm appearance and feels at home in almost every environment. The result is a durable and affordable work of art with bright colors and a warm appearance.


    Freya | Size 50 x 40 cm (H x W)

    € 299,00

    Freya | Size 100 x 80 cm (H x W)

    € 499,00

    Delivery Time

    Your reproduction is made to order for you.

    International shipping normally takes 7-21 working days. In cases where customs processing is slow, delivery can take up to 6 weeks

    Home delivery

    Your reproduction will be delivered properly packaged to your home.


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    Attention, colours shown may vary depending of your monitor settings and resolution.

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